About Me

Hello Friends,

This is Yusuf, I am working as Software developer from past 6 years. I have been working under As/400 IBM i (RPGLE, DB2) technology and HTML5, JavaScript some times Ruby. In this on going journey I have failed/succeeded/learnt a lot. I would like to share the interesting things which I have come across to the world via this blog and I hope it may save some of your valuable time. 

Have fun!!! Happy coding...!!!!

Thanks & Regards,
Mohammed Yusuf


  1. Hi Yusuf

    I'd like to create a macro in AS/400 that copies cell data from an XLS spreadsheet to AS/400 screen field. How can i do that? Please help


    1. If your screen field is based on a PF, then we can think of way to update your PF based on the Excel. But could you help me to understand the actual requirement pls. I will try to help if possible.