About Me

Hello Friends,

This is Yusuf, I am working as Software developer from past 6 years. I have been working under As/400 IBM i (RPGLE, DB2) technology and HTML5, JavaScript some times Ruby. In this on going journey I have failed/succeeded/learnt a lot. I would like to share the interesting things which I have come across to the world via this blog and I hope it may save some of your valuable time. 

Have fun!!! Happy coding...!!!!

Thanks & Regards,
Mohammed Yusuf


  1. Hi Yusuf

    I'd like to create a macro in AS/400 that copies cell data from an XLS spreadsheet to AS/400 screen field. How can i do that? Please help


    1. If your screen field is based on a PF, then we can think of way to update your PF based on the Excel. But could you help me to understand the actual requirement pls. I will try to help if possible.

  2. Hi Yusuf,
    I loved you posts about CGI code and posting data to IBMi local website. Is is possible to connect the IBMi apache website (via Java JDBC for example) to DB2 database and fetch records to dynamic web content? If yes, could you provide example?

    1. Hi Mierk,
      Thanks for your feedback. I have not much worked with web development with Java. But I can give example on how we can connect DB2 from a JAVA program using JDBC and retrieve data. May be you can extend this to your requirement. JT400.jar is used for this. More info from https://sourceforge.net/projects/jt400/

  3. Hi,
    I do not have current project/requirements to stick to, but I am exploring options to bring data from DB2 to the web. I have the following list that I consider:
    - IBMi Web Query
    - CGI programs
    - Web Services Server (similar to CGI, which you already provided all the heave lifting for)
    - Java application
    - Application Servers internal (Tomcat, WebSphere) or external (.net, etc..)
    - Third party software (from Helpsystems or alike)

    I think the Web Services Server is the most efficient and cost effective option for my pet projects and your CGI documentation will be very helpful. Here is couple of reference links:

    Thank you again for all the info you are sharing.