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I tried to consolidate some of the interesting stuffs which I have come across in my experience. I hope it helps and saves some time of you..!!!

AS400 Tips:

Execute CL command from Windows

AS400 (IBM i) Web Options

Here I have discussed about some of the Web options available w.r.t AS400 (IBM i). We shall discuss more about offering an AS400 RPGLE program as a web service, how to invoke CGI which enables you to communicate your RPGLE with web browser etc step by step.

I will be adding the link to my posts here for easy access. Alternatively you can also check it out in my blog archive.


  1. AS400/HTML Intro
  2. Introducing CGI Programming in AS/400 IBM i
  3. How to create Dynamic HTML with CGI Programming
  4. Handling external HTML, CSS & Forms with CGI
  5. Introducing CGIDEV2 for easy CGI handling
  6. Combining AJAX, JavaScript & JSON with CGI

Time Zone conversion in AS400

Await for more...!!! Have Fun..!!! Happy coding...!!!

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