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AS400 (IBM i) Web Options

Here I have discussed about some of the Web options available w.r.t AS400 (IBM i). We shall discuss more about offering an AS400 RPGLE program as a web service, how to invoke CGI which enables you to communicate your RPGLE with web browser etc step by step.

I will be adding the link to my posts here for easy access. Alternatively you can also check it out in my blog archive.


  1. AS400/HTML Intro
  2. Introducing CGI Programming in AS/400 IBM i
  3. How to create Dynamic HTML with CGI Programming
  4. Handling external HTML, CSS & Forms with CGI
  5. Introducing CGIDEV2 for easy CGI handling
  6. Combining AJAX, JavaScript & JSON with CGI

AS400 Tips:

Execute CL command from Windows

Time Zone conversion in AS400

Await for more...!!! Have Fun..!!! Happy coding...!!!


  1. Hi Yusuf,

    How to access web service (which is written in .net) from as400.


  2. Hi Shameem,
    As of now, I haven't started working on IBM i(AS400) as client server. I will keep you posted in future if I did that.


  3. Do you plan on creating some PHP web pages accessing DB2 data....or more modern might be a Javafx front end accessing DB2 data service programs?

  4. Hello Yosuf,
    I am looking for AS400 Rplge training.

  5. Good starting point to understand As/400

  6. sir you videos in you tube is very good, why u not create paid course in udemy.?